Design concepts in the Development of a Knife

Each of the knife design concepts can be used to guide the development of your knife design. For example, I let’s say I want to emphasize the concept of “line” in my next knife. I first have to sit down and draw my knife design. Some makers can do it in their head, but I find that drawing helps me firmly generate a clear image in my mind. Then when I go to the forge, anvil and hammer to shape my knife, I do not just hit a hot piece of steel. Instead, the selection of the initial piece of steel, where I hit it, where I hammer in the tapers, blade widith, thickness, curves, etc. are all INTENTIONAL to create that predetermined image. This now becomes intentional.

So let’s take a look at the evolution of a knife drawing and then move to forging out that design, grinding and finishing the overall concept.

I decided to create a series of knives that meet each of the design concepts or more exactly that emphasizes one of the concepts. Keep in mind that each design concept is an abstraction in the sense that all the design concepts are present in each in every knife. For example, all knives have lines and all knives have parallel lines (or not) and all knives have features that coverge or diverge, etc.